config issues
« on: March 31, 2018, 05:00:19 am »
Hi guys Im pretty new at this GCS.  I am having issues with my motor config.. Ive updated my firmware on a Afro Race spec 4 in one esc AIO FC CC3d  Well in the config file/output/motors For the life of me i cant get the motors to correctly spin in the correct direction.. 
Well in the motor assignments. Motors one two and three are on bank ONE and motor Four is on bank two.. I've been fighting this for a while.. Also it will not let me select reverse, Thanks in advance

Re: config issues
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The motor banks are somewhat random and it only matters that your desired ESC signal protocol (e.g. PWMSync, OneShot125) be the same for all banks that have an ESC connected to an output connected to that bank.  Look at the Output page and that statement will become a bit clearer.  :)

The way you change the motor direction is by swapping any two of the three motor power wires that go from ESC to motor.

Re: config issues
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Ahhh very clear now I thank you very much cliff.. 8)