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Please excuse me if I am posting this question in the wrong forum.  Wrong either because the question belongs in another forum or because the question is too simple to be posted here.

I am attempting to build a Quad based on the DIY Drones for the Evil Genius book.  I have questions about probing voltage levels on both my CC3D and my FlySky FS-R6B receiver.  After several hours I was successful calibrating my CC3D, but when I tried running through the Transmitter Setup Wizard I had no success. It seemed as though the receiver did not have power so I hoped it would be a worth while exercise to measure voltage levels on both the CC3D and the receiver.

With the CC3D plugged into the PC (running Windows 10) and a battery plugged in, I am trying to probe both the CC3D and the RX.
Measurements are as follows:
+3.3 volts measured at regulated +3.3 voltage point on board (with voltmeter ground on USB shield ground) as well as other traces or points on the board.
+0.8 volts between ground and Vcc at the 6 Servo Outputs (I have seen this voltage as low as 0.3 volts)

I have never measured 5 volts anywhere on the CC3D board.  The Arris30A Simonk 2-6s ESCs should provide 5 volts to the motors according to instructions.

My main question is shouldn't I be able to measure the 5 volts that the ESCs provide to the CC3D flight controller board and then shouldn't I be able to measure this same voltage on the FlySky FS-R6B receiver ?

Secondary questions would be; I have not armed anything and I am assuming I shouldn't have to, correct ?

Do I have a proper setup to be able to make these voltage measurements ?


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Hi, welcome.
The Esc you use seems "Opto", this mean the esc do not provide +5V.
+5V should be provided from another power source like a UBEC or a PDB.