Spracingf3 Advanced Setting issue
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Dear all

i managed to build on my MacOsX the bootloader and Firmware bin file for the SPRacing F3. I flashed this file with the ST Demonstrator Gui. And within Librepilot Next ill can see the fc under the Firmware Tab, but wheter iam possible to upgrade thru Erase & Upgrade nor Upgrade Button and within system Settings i cant activate the UART Settings, when ill do the powercycling after press the red arrow the settings are gone. What do i wrong? I also noticed that ill cant use the Vehicle Setup Wizard, i  can start the wizard until the oint where i can choose Upgrade and Erase or normaly press next but its not Possible to press next and also not possible to Use the Upgrade function. I am very interested in using this board with Librepilot. Do ill have to use an ftdi USB Adapter instead then the direct USB connection and if so which connection on the board do ill have to choose an other question is that ill saw within the "settings"files for building the Firmware there is an info that ill cant use UART2 (ill thing) because it does have issues when using the swd port!? But the swd porzt is avaible?

Thank you in Advance and have an nice day

Regards from Germany

Re: Spracingf3 Advanced Setting issue
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Several months ago I did something similar with a similarly supported FC (Omnibus F4 Pro V2).

I had some problems saving settings until I specifically did a "Rescue - EraseSettings".  I suggest you start by:
- disconnect USB and power FC off
- go to Firmware tab in GCS
- Press Rescue
- Then plug in FC USB as instructed
- After a few seconds you can press EraseSettings and follow the instructions
This may not be your issue, but it might help.  After this, maybe you can successfully save settings.

At that time and in that old version of GCS, there was no wizard setup support.  Some things (mainly the port setups (UART/FlexiPort/MainPort)) had to be done in the System tab while most things could be done in the Configuration tab.


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Re: Spracingf3 Advanced Setting issue
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The only uart you can setup is the uart2.
uart1 is hardcoded to telemetry and uart2 disabled.

Do you see similar "not saved" settings when you modify others settings like stabilization ?
You can see the save status of every uavo while starting the Gcs from a console.