Re: Latest dev OmnibusF4 firmware not working for me, old version OK (?)
« Reply #15 on: December 04, 2017, 08:39:59 pm »
OP15.05, LP15.09 and LP16.09 send the same UAVO set and total RX rates are similar.
LP16.09 do not display those extra uavo send but in fact they are sent.
Very strange.  I tested with 1609 Sparky2 (default settings) at bench and got very small set of uavos sent by watching System page.  I just now tested 1609 Revo (default settings) on laptop and it shows the large set being sent by watching System page.

Simple fix to improve bandwidth instead of disable by hand every UAVO is move those 'advanced' UAVOs from 'periodic' to 'throttled' > see PR.
Most of these have a good rule that would disable them completely when not desired and that would be the best way to fix this.
accessorydesired not sent if no accessories defined
airspeedsensor not sent if airspeed module disabled or no sensor defined
auxmagsensor only if aux mag defined
debuglogstatus disabled by default
ekfstatevariance only be sent when INS13 is enabled
flightbatterystate only if module enabled