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Looking to buy FPV Gear. Are these compatible?
« on: August 01, 2017, 12:09:29 am »
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Re: Looking to buy FPV Gear. Are these compatible?
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2017, 01:07:08 am »
Some comments about FPV video in general.

Start by deciding what display device you want and what options you want for it.  Goggles vs. monitor, what frequency band (433m, 912m, 1.2g/1.3g, 2.4g, 5.8g), built in DVR, diversity, external antennas, external A/V in/out.  Get that, then get the rest to match it.

Generally the rest will be compatible if you are little careful about exact frequencies available in the band.  A few years ago there was some incompatibility in the 5.8g band, but modern 40ch transmitters and receivers will work on either side of the incompatibility.

There is a newish standard for analog video that you need to be aware of.  Some call it AHD (analog high def) or 960H (because the horizontal resolution is 960).  It basically packs more pixels into approximately the same display timing as old analog video.  AHD does 960x480 (or x576) and displays on a wider screen like about a 2x1 ratio.  Standard analog seems to be more compatible (like with DVRs and OSD, etc.).  If you buy a cheap FPV camera that is quoted as 1000TVL or more it will probably be AHD.  If you buy one that is 700TVL or less it will probably be standard analog.  I wouldn't buy an 800TVL without further research as to whether it was one or the other.

Most cameras, displays, transmitters, receivers handle NTSC vs. PAL and you can use either one.