Sporadic Stack Error on CC3D - Unable to arm sometimes
« on: July 22, 2017, 03:32:05 pm »

i just bought a new miniquad and installed a CC3D board with Librepilot. No My problem: I already had some succesful flights and no Crashes so far. The problem is that Sometimes when I connect a Batery I am unable to arm the quad. When this happens Nothing helps (and yes Throttle is in the 0 Position). When I connect to the pc I tryed some things and endet up Reflashing the firmware which helped. After a few flights the Problem reappeared, after I connected to the PC again I noticed That the Stack symbol was red, which I suppose means theres an error. The Wiki doesnt even mention this state of the Stack inikator, so I'm confused :P Now even Reflashing the firmware didnt help either. But after a few resets and Powercycles I then was able to arm again.

Has anyone Had this problem before or knows whats wrong? I didnt find an answer on Google or In the Forumsearch so thats why I ask here. I attached my configuration.

One thing to note: I am using Arch Linux and built Librepilot from the Git repository on Commit d1ab06e5b0cef938ca90608ef655c8652cb9a5d0, since the AUR repo contains a really old version.



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Re: Sporadic Stack Error on CC3D - Unable to arm sometimes
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2017, 04:21:21 pm »
I don't know about your version of LP gcs but the 16.09 version if you click on the error  alarm a pop up will  show what the alarm is in reference too. And sometime not very often but somes my cc3d doesn't arm I power cycle the tx and that usually fixes  it and if that doesn't work i power cycle the  craft as well and that always works for me. I always make sure the sticks and switches are in the proper position befor powering on the transmitter too.

Re: Sporadic Stack Error on CC3D - Unable to arm sometimes
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CC3D is very constrained on memory.  Have you enabled any non-default modules?  If not, it may be the type of RC input or ESC output you are using.  Other devs might be along to shed more light on the subject.