i have a dys 250 quad, cc3d board and has been running fine for about 2 months. i found that the motors would stop spinning at the lowest throttle value so i played around with the motor outputs section for a while and it totally screwed up the way my quad flys. when i apply throttle, one motor (the same one consistently) on the quad always banks downwards without me commanding it to, the more the throttle the more it banks. when taking of the quad wants to bank to the right a large amount. when switching flight modes the quad also corrects itself to the same right banked position as if it thinks its level even though the gyros have been calibrated multiple times. any help would be appreciated with this as i was enjoying my quad so much and its my first so i don't have much experience with trouble shooting.
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If you like your PIDs I works write them down and erase and upgrade to the board and start a fresh again.
That way you start with a clean start and get the quad setup with the wizard and see how it is than

set motor min/max
calibrate ESCs
set motor neutrals

If that doesn't fix it, it sounds like you may have a weak motor.

Calibrated ESCs and quad is now working!  ;D ;D Thankyou so much for the help!