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main CC
« on: June 21, 2017, 08:40:27 pm »
Buen día.

quisiera que alguien me explicara el main del firmware de Copter Control y como poder modificarlo, es para un proyecto de escuela

#include "inc/openpilot.h"
#include <systemmod.h>

/* Task Priorities */

/* Global Variables */
extern void Stack_Change(void);
 * OpenPilot Main function:
 * Initialize PiOS<BR>
 * Create the "System" task (SystemModInitializein Modules/System/systemmod.c) <BR>
 * Start FreeRTOS Scheduler (vTaskStartScheduler) (Now handled by caller)
 * If something goes wrong, blink LED1 and LED2 every 100ms
int main()
    /* NOTE: Do NOT modify the following start-up sequence */
    /* Any new initialization functions should be added in OpenPilotInit() */

    /* Brings up System using CMSIS functions, enables the LEDs. */


    /* swap the stack to use the IRQ stack */

    /* Start the FreeRTOS scheduler, which should never return.
     * NOTE: OpenPilot runs an operating system (FreeRTOS), which constantly calls
     * (schedules) function files (modules). These functions never return from their
     * while loops, which explains why each module has a while(1){} segment. Thus,
     * the OpenPilot software actually starts at the vTaskStartScheduler() function,
     * even though this is somewhat obscure.
     * In addition, there are many main() functions in the OpenPilot firmware source tree
     * This is because each main() refers to a separate hardware platform. Of course,
     * C only allows one main(), so only the relevant main() function is compiled when
     * making a specific firmware.

    /* If all is well we will never reach here as the scheduler will now be running. */

    /* Do some indication to user that something bad just happened */
    while (1) {

    return 0;


ese es el código, de antemano gracias por la atención prestada.


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Re: main CC
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2017, 08:58:58 pm »

No tienes que modificar este fichero. Puedes mirar aquí:

Que quieres hacer exactamente en el código ?