settings storage issue
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Once I have configured the CC3D board from LibrePilot, I export the file it as a UAV file.
If for whatever reason I want to change some setting, I connect the board via USB, and I import the UAV file, and download it into the board. Now first question is I am guessing here that when I connect the board, there is not an uploading of the configuration towards the LibrePilot. Is that correct?
My second issue, is that after importing the UAV file and downloading into the CC3D board, all the stabilization settings as well as the vehicle settings (servos max, min and neutral) go back to default, and basically I have to reconfigure again quite a few settings and retest all over again. Therefore, the question is if there is anyway to avoid to re-configure all those parameters?

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The settings are stored in the CC3D board and are still there even if you power off and back on.

The UAV file stuff is good for a backup, or if you want to change a lot of stuff and maybe go back to what you previously had.

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Thanks a lot for your response. I had not doubt that the settings are saved in the board, otherwise you would need to load the board before each flight. The question is how can I see the board settings when I hook up the board to the librepilot for some changes, without going through the whole configuration process all over again.

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Cliff you are right. I connected the board to the PC and clicked on the configuration tab ans has access to most of the settings. The only setting that I don't know how to access, and it is the one I need to change is the Max/Neutral/Min for each individual Servo. I noticed that if I go into the System tab, and open settings, I can see the values, but the way they are identified (microseconds), does not help too much for the sake of how for or close are form the end points. The other thing that I cannot find where to change is the expo. Can you give me some help there?

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First it reads the RC receiver input and translates it into a number between -1.0 and +1.0 using the Configuration->Input page min/neutral/max

At some point when it wants to output a value, the -1.0 -> +1.0 value gets translated into microseconds according to the values on the Configuration->Output page.

You can also see all of these values on the System page in Settings.  The arrows at the top of the page are how you update after changing a value.  First highlight the value by clicking on it, then click the red up arrow (Save=permanent) at the top of the screen.  The green up arrow is Send and it is temporary and goes away after next reboot.

Oh yea, don't use the transmitter trims at all.  Use Configuration->Attitude RotateVirtual to trim the drift out for Attitude mode.  Rate mode just doesn't need trim... ever.

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Thank you for your responses Cliff. I just got back to the CC3D project.
I am having an attitude problem, (I mean the CC3D  :)) that may have the answer in your last message. However, I was not able to find the "Configuration->Attitude RotateVirtual" that you are making reference to. Can you send me a screen shot of that parameter?
About the trimming, I really don't get your point. Normally, the trimming is set during the first flight, and cannot be done in the ground. I guess you are referring to another kind of trimming, like max/min throws for the channels?. Also, why the trimming issue is only related to attitude and not to Rate?


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Re: settings storage issue
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However, I was not able to find the "Configuration->Attitude RotateVirtual" that you are making reference to.

With Attitude the stick mean set a bank angle.
With Rate stick mean set a rotation speed.

So a trim in the RC Radio in Rate stabilization will remain spinning, maybe at low rate but spinning at all time.
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Expected Min/Neutral/Max from the receiver is set on the Input page.
Min/Neutral/Max for the servo outputs are set on the Output page.

The problem with Attitude mode stabilized flight is that trims are only effective for a while.  You will probably find that you quickly need more and more trim as the flight goes on and that you have way too much trim at the beginning of the next flight.  So the right way to trim Attitude mode is to use RotateVirtual.  Rate mode will NEVER need trimming at all as long as you don't touch the transmitter trims after running the transmitter wizard.

If you touch the transmitter trims, you may get it flying better in the current mode, but you have added confusion for the next mode you try.

Are you flying an airplane?
For airplanes:  Trim by adjusting linkages in Manual mode, then adjust inner PIDs in Rate mode at highest speed (where it will oscillate if PIDs are too high), then adjust RotateVirtual (and maybe outer PIDs) in Attitude mode.

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Gents, thank you very much for your responses. As this thread is already overlapping my other post related specifically with Attitude mode, I will give this one for closed, and follow in the other thread.