CC3D controller with Matek 5in1V3 PDB
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I have received a couple of these boards with my Storm 250 Quad.  Boards seem ok and well laid out, BUT they have a buzzer on this board that does a couple of functions, indicate low battery, and SOLID ANNOYING Tone for lost plane finder!  I cannot get this stupid thing to disarm or shut off, and this is my last step before I cut the buzzers off the boards!  I am using LibrePilot to program my Micro CC3D control board, radio control is with a Spectrum AR610 receiver.  Matek board is connected to CC3D via jumper plug to Pin Set 5, 1 - 4 are connected to my EC motor controllers.  Any Help much appreciated!


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Re: CC3D controller with Matek 5in1V3 PDB
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You may need to configure the Accessory <> output mapping for correct PWM output value and PDB control.
Take a look here for steps:

Looks like you need a 3 pos switch.

From PDB manual:
Code: [Select]
F3. LED Light Controller
Total 4 pairs LED light pads, All the LED lights have the same status.
LED light voltage should be 5V.
Pls use the Aux channel with toggle switch of three positions. Middle position is OFF (Value=1400~1600). Side position is LED ON (Value=1700~2000)
Three LED modes: Constant light, Slow flash(1Hz), Fast flash(3Hz)
Choose the modes: Tune on the LED first(move the switch to value 1700-2000), then move the switch to middle position & side position within 0.5s. Beep once.
If no cable is connected to RX Aux channel, the button can be used to change the modes.

F4. Lost Plane Finder
Use the same Aux channel with F3 function. Middle position is OFF (Value=1400~1600).
Move the switch to value=1000~1300, the buzzer & LED light can be triggered. Beep & Flash(2Hz), which can help you search the models in tall grass or trees.
Set the “SERVO REVERSE” in transmitter to change the switch position of F3 & F4.

Re: CC3D controller with Matek 5in1V3 PDB
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Thanks Man! was missing the step on the output control page, plus had to change to a different channel to get to 1800 setting to shut it off.  maybe the ringing in my ears will subside now :-)