Hi everyone, Im new to this and I have a little problem. I bought all the drone components to create one (DYS BE1806 2300KV x4, 16amp Opto Speed Controllers x4,Turnigy nano-tech 1500mah 3S 35~70C, Turnigy TGY-i6 AFHDS Transmitter and 6CH Receiver, CC3D Atom OpenPilot Flight, beside the other parts) and i have already assemble all the components together correctly, and when im using the librepilot, on the output of the motors configuration part, the first motor would spin correctly but when i was about to go on the second motor, the motor only oscillated, and i retrieved a step back and go to the first motor again and the same thing would happen, it would only oscillate. the same things happens with every motor and i have already reinstalled the librepilot.
I would apreciatte a lot if somebody could help me. :)


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Just slide it , faster ?

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the motors only oscillate even more

That is a problem that you need to fix before going further.  Also be aware that you don't want to run the control up really high when the ESC/motor is jittering like that.  There are some old or stock ESC firmwares that will burn it up if you use more than a little throttle with it jittering.

If it isn't burned up, the reason this fails for you is an ESC protocol problem.  If you use PWMSync (500Hz) and have your output max pulse widths set to 2000 (or higher) some ESCs have problems.

I suggest you try the ESC calibration and neutral setting instructions, which also tells you to try PWMSync with max pulse width 1900.

If you find that some motors work well after this calibration and others always jitter, then you have quite possibly burned up the jittering ones.  It could be ESC.  It could be motor.  Find out which by using a current limited power supply (assuming 3s lipo or less, 12V #1156 automotive bulb in series with the flight battery) and swapping parts around to find all the burned parts.  I suggest only spinning one motor at a time with this, and only a little above idle power, (mini or micro quads can go higher) but at least you can generally run all 4 motors at idle power.  If the bulb glows, you can't go higher without the ESCs resetting.  Avoid throttle that is high enough to make the bulb glow and it acts the same as without the bulb.

Or you may get away with just changing to PWM 490Hz (or even 330Hz) but you should really do ESC calibration because the ESC's might have been calibrated with PWMSync 2000max which confuses them.