cc3d atom props brake
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Hi, when i close the throttle on my 250 quad copter the props brake, i can i cancel that?

also, is there an option to define that even with the throttle closed, rotation or flipping will be possible?


Re: cc3d atom props brake
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You don't want to cancel that!!!  We work very hard to make that happen.  :)  Props need to speed up quickly and slow down quickly to control the aircraft quickly.  When a gust of wind hits it, it can react so quickly that you don't even notice the wind.

There are several ways to make the motors keep spinning at zero throttle.  The easiest one does not even need changes to settings.  Just increase your throttle trim enough so the motors keep running.  Be aware that this and other methods are unsafe.  Stabilization is always on once it is armed with props spinning.  If you hold the quad and tip it even slightly, the motors will speed up (even to full power) to stabilize it, and you will get bad cuts.  If it crashes or goes where you don't want when flying, you must remember to disarm or reduce your trim to actually stop the motors (which are actually running at high speed with the throttle set to zero because it is trying to level out but it is on the ground or in your hand or ...).  I never set up this way because I like the idea that zero throttle always stops the motors in a bad situation.

If you want to use something besides throttle trim, look at AlwaysStabilizeWhenArmed and PropsSpinEvenAtLowThrottle (I forget the exact spelling).  For safety, you must also set up arming on a switch.  Please research these on the wiki before using them for the sake of cuts on your hands and face.  I'm being serious here, not just "he must say that because it is the safe thing".  :)

There is a throttle mode called CruiseControl that switches the motor to 5% power when you flip so you can just leave the power where you want if for upright, and when you are upside down it reduced the power (but full control and stabilization are still in effect).  You might look into Rattitude mode too (self leveling, but allows flips).  Be aware that there have been reports of quads getting "stuck" upside down when using CruiseControl.  I think this is when people use it with a self levelling mode and try extended high speed inverted falling and the speed passes the effective props pitch speed of 50% power, but truthfully we don't know for sure.

Be aware that the default settings for CruiseControl also speed the motors up when you bank.  This can be turned off.  Stabilization -> Expert?
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