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considering that I need OpTune Calculator, I spent some huors to do a little web page with my Optune Calculator.

Do you think it will useful or I have to make it private to avoid breaking some law? :-)


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A guy who went by the name of Cnut (Craig Nuttall - IIRC) did the original work back in OP days.  I would try to find him if you are worried about it.

OPNG took the OpTune calc and renamed it OpngTune with no attribution for the original author, which was a bit low...

I would guess that he would be happy with a small line of text that he did it originally.

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Thanks for creating this angelo.p!
I've been using the Excel spreadsheet that's been floating around, but your version looks much prettier.

I agree that adding a line to thank Cnut would be a nice gesture.

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Ok, I will leave the name OpTune calculator and I will add a thank to Cnut. If you have more info or other info to add to page your suggestions are welcome!

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Hello everyone I'm a noob here and to the cc3d I have a robocat 270 I've flashed with libre pilot and op and I have it set to current settings! It flys but when I throttle up and it levels out in attitude mode and rate mode it shakes not so bad that it crashes but bad enough to drive me nuts! I want to try Easytune but my tx is a flysky fs-t6 but I've modded it with the 3 position switch so I've lost use of one of my knobs! Can I tune the roll and pitch together or do I have to do them separately ? And help would be great thanks

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Stuff to check because it can cause oscillations with stock settings:  First of all, determine the fastest update rate that your ESC's support.  Second, make sure they are set to use it (output page).  Third, if you change something from the first two things, you should probably recalibrate your ESC's.

About tuning roll and pitch at the same time with EasyTune or OPTune:  If your quad is symmetrical or only slightly asymmetrical, you can get away with it and it will fly much better than your current oscillation problem.  If you really want to split hairs after tuning them together, you can tune just one at a time.

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Ok great thanks so much for the quick reply I will give that a shot first ! This is probably a stupid question but how would I determine the update rate on the esc I know they are rapid esc  I will go check and see if I can get more info! Thanks again it's really appreciated

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Does this tell you anything sorry like I said I'm a noob! Sorry!

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That picture was exactly what was needed to make sure it was set up correctly.  You are running 490Hz PWM on 1-3 and 4.  That is a fast enough update rate that we know your problem is not because of slow ESCs.  Also, "rapid ESC" generally means 490 Hz is OK.  Also, they are working so they can handle the 490 Hz.

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Use EasyTune or OpTune to reduce your PIDs a little.  (50% ?)

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Thanks so much I will let you know the outcome tomorrow! Thanks again for everything you do to help us out! We could get no where without fellas like you


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« Reply #27 on: January 23, 2016, 08:19:39 pm »
Hi to everyone

I and Angelo.p made a simple app for lpTune

This is the web version

The package with the code

And here the apk for android

This is a simple cordova project, It could be compiled for other platform (Ios, Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch ecc...)
We would happy if you want pubblish it with the Librepilot domain


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Very nice work gentlemen

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Awesome app guys!