Customizing the Ground Control Station
« on: April 06, 2017, 05:09:31 am »
Hello !  I have had some success integrating GStreamer into my project, as well as writing C and Python to control my boat.  The challenge I have is developing a mapping system.

GStreamer is on the Raspberry and it works fairly well.  As Python is a bit heavy for the Pi, wrote rudder, speed controls and camera controls in C.  From the joy stick / GCS side, was able to use Python on a notebook computer.  Use UDP for communicating from the joy stick to boat.  Boat image included.

The Pi relays servo commands to the NXP PCA9685 I2C to PWM IC.  It works well. 

My main interest is getting a map to work.  Wish to have a GPS map run natively on the GCS, not to connect to a map over the Internet. 

I enjoy building my own vehicle side hardware and software, but the map has been a challenge.  Would also like to look at an autopilot after that.  Would be very appreciative if somebody would tell me where to start.

Thank you  :)


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Re: Customizing the Ground Control Station
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So if I understand correctly, you are using only GCS from LP, not the firmware?

Regarding the map, you can configure GCS to use cached only data, so it would sort of work in offline mode too.

Re: Customizing the Ground Control Station
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Thanks, mr_w

Sorry not sure what "LP" means.  My GCS only consists of a video player and a Python application I wrote to control the boat using Pygame and a Logitech joystick.  It is just what I have hobbled together. 

Cached maps, oh, well was hoping to use my own maps too, as well as, buy from map providers.  So you need something like Mapnik running natively to use off-line maps ?

How would you suggest getting started ?  Thank you !


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Re: Customizing the Ground Control Station
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Sorry not sure what "LP" means.

LP stands for the LibrePilot project. It's really cool that you are trying to do something, but Joystick control it's something we already have in GCS and GStreamer might be already something that someone is working on as far as I recall. Are you planning on using LP software or maybe contributing to it ?
If it's an interesting and exciting feature, you are very welcome to submit pull-up request (PR), then it gets evaluated by current developers and might possibly be merged.

You can get some information about LP software, structure or how to modify it from
I think that's a good starting point.