WLToys V977 CC3D
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Hi all. I am very new to helis and i just started practicing hovering/orientation on my WLToys V966 but i keep burning my brushed motor after a couple of flights so i keep replacing them. anyway, i decided to get a V977 which is brushless. i wanted to use cc3d atom so i can use a programmable tx(flysky i6). the one that came with the heli has very limited settings. This is how far i got.

tail is not present yet because i want to replace it with a bruhless tail motor(its on its way). i know most of the topics ive read used servo for the tail motor. is it possible to use brushless tail for cc3d and stabilized? the receiver is temporary at the moment. i will be using a micro receiver from flysky which is half the size and weight of the one on the photo.

Motor outputs
Engine = CH3
Tail = CH4
Swashplate outputs
Servo W = CH1
Servo X = CH2
Servo Z = CH6


Throttle = CH5
Roll = CH1
Pitch = CH2
Yaw = CH4
Flight Mode = CH8
Collective = CH3
Acc0 = CH7 (arm/disarm)

As you see on the video, collective and roll works. On the pitch, servo W's travel isnt mirroring servo Y's travel. It does travel the same way but not as far as it should. Also, the main motor isn't spinning when I turn the variable knob on my tx when armed. I will also be asking question about how to stabilize the brushless tail motor when it arrives. With your help, I hope this works. Thanks!

When I was trying out this heli in stock form. i notice that when the battery is low, the main motor's rpm slows down quite a lot but when i apply a positive pitch the heli still rises up rapidly. It got me thinking that when i have cc3d working on this heli, maybe i could control the engine separately(variable knob) and see how long the battery will last at the lowest rpm that the heli can handle to fly(with a lot of positive pitch). Im wont be doing any 3D on this heli yet. Just want a stable heli i can practice for beginner with a different tx from stock.
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Re: WLToys V977 CC3D
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What ESC is on your main motor?
What ESC is going to control your brushless tail motor?
I ask because ESCs with Silabs or Atmel chips can be set up with Blheli, you know?
Happy Landings!

Re: WLToys V977 CC3D
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Thanks daveapplemotors!

not sure what the esc for the main motor(stock esc) but when i do "live" testing in the output tab, the motor spins and shuts off when i disable "live testing". when i arm it, im not getting any response when i turn the appropriate knob on my tx. Looking at the input tab, i do get value change on the throttle function.

 for the tail rotor i ordered this: Blheli_S 6A 1-2S Brushless ESC Oneshot42 Oneshot125. maybe i should use that for the main motor(im getting too ahead).

the servo W not traveling the same as servo Y when pitching is now fix. I just didn't set the correction angle for the "swashplate servo angle" properly in the vehicle settings tab.

update: esc/motor works! sometimes...
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Re: WLToys V977 CC3D
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I am doing almost the same thing as you are doing, except I don't want the transmitter and use computer joystick instead. I have all stock motors/servos working. Waiting for a good day to test fly.

I used to have a transmitter of 72MHz in the 80's with a big nitro plane. I skipped the 2.4GHz transmitter development, and now my setting is like those airforce bunkers with a keyboard and a joystick while flying.

I also don't like the 3D flying; I also lower the RPM and pitch up the swash plate for high angle. I also aim for endurance. I plan to add swarm software to the STM32F4 of the CC3D CPU.


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Re: WLToys V977 CC3D
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I have tried to fly my v977 with a joystick today through OPLink telemetry control, but any sudden downward throttle movement disrupts the accelerometer/magnetometer sensor that disarms the heli, as attached picture. The heli can barely lift off the ground. I already have a 1uF tantalum capacitor at the tail motor to stop EM noise. I will talk about the guilt of using tantalum material in a separate post.
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Re: WLToys V977 CC3D
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Video of joystick control 3 servos and throttle and tail motor,
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