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If you briqued the board for some reason, you can try a manual Upgrade&Erase.

Hello group, happy Friday!  I am posting this message today out of frustration in getting my Eachine250 in proper working order.  I am experience in RC model racing however this is my first racing quality quad that I have owned and I am having trouble going through all the settings on Libre Pilot.  I seem to be able to go through all of the calibrations and things without incident, however I just can't seem to get the controller to connect to the quad to control it.  I have gone through all of the controller settings, confirmed that none of the controls are inverted....etc.  But I am not able to "save" and finalize that section.  The controller I have is the "Eachine i6".  Is there some kind of instructional video I can follow from start to finish with this controller so I can properly set this up?  I'm surprised I am having this many challenges but this is somewhat new to me.  I consider myself to be handy and know my way around a PC, however I must be missing something in the process.  I would even be fully willing to pay someone to do a virtual desktop session with me to help me set this up if it comes down to it.  I sincerely thank the group for any help that can be extended.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Does anyone have a video tutorial that I can follow from start to finish that works with the Eachine i6 controller?  I'm so lost at this point and I feel like an idiot.  All I want to do is fly this thing and show it off to my neighbors and my little ones. :)  My sincere thanks in advance!


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Well I don't know if I can be of much help but don't like the thought of someone not being able to fly. ( although do take care of flying near other people ).
I wonder if your eachine i6 is basically the same as a flsky i6 . ?
Does the transmitter wizard run ok ?
Does the flight mode switch show ?
Can you save after setting arming method ?

Settings cannot be saved when it is armed.  You must disarm first.  Also, this makes it difficult to use "always armed" (which is considered dangerous anyway).

Have you tried pluging your battery into your quad while in the tx wizard?