Where to find firmware source code for CC3D Atom?
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Hi all,

I have been reading through the schematics of the Atom flight controller and there are a few things that I wasn't able to understand with the schematics/PCB design as my only reference. I have not had any luck finding the source code for the Atom firmware. It looks like the source for some of the boards' firmware is in the GitHub repository for LibrePilot under flight/targets/boards, but there's nothing for the Atom. I thought this might be because the Atom is really an OpenPilot board, but it is one of the FCs listed in hardware/Production of the same repository by LibrePilot.

In short: where can I find the code specifically for the hardware in the CC3D Atom? That is, the code that goes along with the CC3D Atom schematic (see attached to this post)

Also, I've only used LibrePilot as hobbyist/pilot, so I am very new to the development side of it. If I've phrased something in a way that might suggest that I'm understanding something incorrectly, please let me know


Re: Where to find firmware source code for CC3D Atom?
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It's my understanding that the Atom is exactly the same as the CC3D, so code is the same and schematic is the same.

LP source code has a directory with all the released schematics.