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Futaba SBUS2 Telemetry Support
« on: January 11, 2017, 07:12:40 pm »
I was wondering if there are some people out there also interested in having SBUS2 Support, Futaba Telemetry. As the SBUS / SBUS2 is a single Wire bi-directional Protocol, it would open some interessting possibilities without having to use separate GCS.
AfaIk it has already be done for FRSky, which has a quite similar protocol.
I'm not a born coder with any knowledge in such a (imho complex) sector, my worst case Scenario would be to try to get a Converter like like to convert Mavlink or MSP to SBUS2. More and more ESC have this ability, which is a great improvement as a lot of Data is already available there, similar to the FC.