Dear everybody!
I am Fabrizio, a PhD Student from University of Verona.
Thanks for your efforts on this project, I love the philosophy behind it.

In my University, but not only there, we are working on autonomous flight and I want to build low-cost microcopter like

So my idea is to take a Tiny 32bit CC3D BRUSH FC and connect it to a Ground station (Linux PC) trough bluetooth telemetry. After that, I want to build a position controller that takes data from a Visual tracker (in my case Natural point-OptiTrack)  and compute the attitute to send to microcopter.

Anyone has suggestions for this project?

Fabrizio Boriero

Ciao Fabrizio,
it's nice to see other Italians here!

It is an interesting application, please feel free to contact me to discuss about that!