Using a CC3D to control a brushless gimbal
« on: January 06, 2017, 12:15:32 am »
Looking for my first 2D brushless gimbal.  I found some cheap reasonable hardware with no controller.

I have a spare CC3D and was wondering whether anyone around here had used a CC3D for a brushless gimbal controller.

Basically mount the CC3D on the camera platform, use some ESCs set up to run forward or reverse with neutral in the middle; use Attitude mode and adjust the PIDs (I know there would be an issue with continuous coordinated circles).

I am guessing that the sticking point would be the ESC firmware.  I know that standard ESC firmware like SImonK and BLHeli have an option for "forward and reverse with center neutral", but does a gimbal ESC need firmware optimized for gimbal use?

Re: Using a CC3D to control a brushless gimbal
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I wound up ordering this 2d brushless gimbal with controller for $31 shipped (and quick delivery).  Some eBayers say it stops working after a few flights, but others are using it.


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Re: Using a CC3D to control a brushless gimbal
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2017, 09:02:56 pm »

What is the GB controller. I use to have a BGC V1.3 two axis controller, and I burned one of the outputs on a crash. The controlller try to stabilaze the gimball and because it was againt the floor, it just burned the ouitput. I bout a Storm32 controller. Much better, I disable one of the motors output, so it is working fine with two motors.


Better Controller Storm32 3-Axis

Now I am looking in to posible using an Arduino Nano with an MPU6050 and see how that will perform...

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Re: Using a CC3D to control a brushless gimbal
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It comes with an 8 bit SimpleBGC 2.2 controller I think (I haven't adjusted it at all).  It works pretty well but even sitting on the ground (motors off) I see it jump a tiny amount at a fixed interval.  You can even see it in this flight.  It is not perfectly smooth.

I flew a waypoint flight with it yesterday.  The waypoint flight does a direction reversal (some significant bank angle) at about 3:00, but the gimbal stays level.  It barely cleared the wires at about 4:25 because the altitude was set to 15 instead of the 20 it was set to on the way out.  :O  I watched carefully with my finger on the FMS.  :)

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