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Hi Mateusz,

This is the link >>

Their you will a CC3d Board.Then scroll down a bit.You should find a category named "Downloads". Their should be a file named "CC3D Firmware Boobloader fix".

I forgot to mention that my board had a boot loader problem.First it was not recognized by LP.After flashing this file my board worked as normal.But suddenly/ randomly my board gets unrecognized by LP.

This file could be a great solution for CC3D users those who have bootloader errors. :)
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Re: CHEAP ESC Problem
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There is really no reason to need that I can think of, but I haven't researched it either.

Do the motors run slowly when the throttle stick is low and it is sitting level on the grass?  It is OK if some speed up slowly but not quickly or jerky.  If it doesn't run well at low speed, like maybe the motors are immediately too fast at 5% throttle then you need to calibrate and neutral your ESCs.  Calibration is stored in the ESC, so it generally only needs to be done once, not every time you start configuration over.  Setting the motor neutral (lowest speed point) must be done each time you start over with a reset FC configuration.

Have your balanced and tracked your props?  Unbalanced / untracked props often cause enough vibration that at some RPM it is suddenly more vibration than the gyros can stand and it will go a bit crazy in roll / pitch, but not in average throttle.  It won't shoot up although it may climb a little.  A bad landing can bend a prop so it is untracked and change a flying quad to a crazy quad.

Make a video for us to see will help sort this out.

Re: CHEAP ESC Problem
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Hi Cliff,

Is it compulsory to have all motor neutrals equal? My motors have bit different neutrals(M1 1096,M2 1095,M3 1098,M4 1096). Because of that I changed all motor neutrals to 1100. Is it a good idea or not?


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Re: CHEAP ESC Problem
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...This file could be a great solution for CC3D users those who have bootloader errors. :)
That file is some unknown variant based on the old OpenPilot 15.02.02.  Why would you want to load someone's odd, unknown firmware onto a board instead of coming here and getting the official version?  All the real, official bootloaders and firmware are available on the download page and the wiki has instructions for flashing and updating firmware and bootloaders

The screen capture you posted is usually caused by windows loading the wrong driver.

Re: CHEAP ESC Problem
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Your motor neutrals are fine either way.

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Hai hwh,

When i first plug the CC3D bought from ebay, LP didn't recognize.So i hit the rescue button,my board was recognized.Then i clicked on the "Upgrade & erase".But Nothing happened(error). I thought that it was a driver problem so i checked COM PORT list.Their were no any COM PORT named COPTER CONTROL.After that i installed STM Virtual COM port driver.Nothing happened.Then I figured out that my board doesn't have a bootloader.(maybe I'm wrong). So i tried to flash the board with "bu_cc.opfw" & "bu_cc3d.opfw" but nothing happened.Luckily i found a video how to fix the bootloader problem.

After flashing that  file,it worked. THAT IS WHAT I EXPERIENCED.All errors gone. After some test flight again my board had problems such as LP recognizing/ lower flight responsiveness & jerkiness, TX RX bar problems.But those were random.

I have to mention that my first FC is a CC3D & have no idea about others.( I personally like Opensource)Are these low budget Chinese clone boards are useful and how to point out a good CC3D? Thats all I want to know.
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Re: CHEAP ESC Problem
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If a board doesn't have a bootloader, it must be flashed with a bin (not opfw) file, and that cannot be done by the GCS.

If a board does have a bootloader, you can flash a program called a bootloader updater (BU).

In either case, you want to flash the normal firmware after flashing the bootloader (something like fw_revolution.opfw).


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Re: CHEAP ESC Problem
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Flash on the chip has two regions: bootloader and firmware.

Firmware is needed for flight, bootloader just starts firmware and allows flashing new firmware. When you flash normal firmware with GCS it can't change anything in bootloader.
There are two ways to update bootloader
  • Flashing bu_*.opwf (bootloader updater) firmware. Which if it boots must work a bit and it reflashes it's own bootloader. This won't work as flight firmware. If interrupted can corrupt bootloader as it would terminate flashing it and make futher flashing with this method impossile.
  • Flashing by soldering together SBL pads and using df-util tool to flash file with *.bin extension for example ef_*.bin which is (entire flash, that is bootloader+firmware).

So what you probably did (trying to reconstruction possible actions) is you tried flashing bootloader updater opfw file. Which might not have finished updating bootloader or didn't boot at all.
Then you flashed some unknown bin file, which happens to work, but is unknown version. It could be this file is either compatible bootloader or the firmware+bootloader. I don't know.

I suggest you flash ef_cc3d.bin file with dfu-utils and SBL method from the LibrePilot GCS version you are using.

You need to short SBL pads. SBL is located on top side of board close to corner hole close to ESC/servo outputs (use 3.3v and SBL).
The CC3D SBL procedure cannot be done with USB. You need FTDI USB to Serial adapter.

Here is description how to update cc3d firmware with SBL method

Just flash ef_cc3d.bin (ef stands for entire flash and flashed both bootloader and compatible with it firmware). If board is functional it should work and is all you need. After doing SBL method, next time you can just use GCS as correct bootloader is there.

Re: CHEAP ESC Problem
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Thanks  Mateusz. I'll try that :)