New old OP member .. Revo not booting
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Hi Guys

I've got a Revolution that I've loaded bootloader v6 onto and LP 15.09 onto but I cant seem to get telemetry over USB any more (a few days later?)

If I connect the FC in "rescue" I get the screen in my first attachment. In this state I have "USB Input Device Revolution" in my usb devices.

All seems well i can "erase" and "boot" and "safe boot" but when i do that I get told I can "reconnect telemetry" but it doesn't come up in the list or connect by itself to GCS in USB.

While watching the usb devices in usb deview the "USB Input Device Revolution" flickers conected/disconnected and the blue light turns off briefly and on again..

When I connect my other revo I get the following in usbdeview.

"USB Composite Device"
"Revolution Virtual Com Port"
"USB Input Device"..

what have I done to the original Revo? I actually upgraded both of these revo's at the same time from the original OP firmware/BL....


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Re: New old OP member .. Revo not booting
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Hi, welcome back.

Seems your flash is corrupted and Revo cannot boot correctly.
Two options:
- build / update with the next branch or download binaries here:
- use the ressurect_firmware for flash formatting and go back to normal update using 15.09.

From here:
Flash and run the resurrection firmware:
- Run the GCS
- Unplug the board from power and USB.
- Go to the firmware tab in the GCS and press the Rescue button.
- Plug the board into USB.
- GCS recognizes the board in a few seconds.
- Press the "Open" button to navigate to and select the correct resurrection firmware opfw file that you downloaded.
- Press the Flash button to write the currently built firmware.
- It will start in a few seconds.  First it will erase, then it will write (flash) the firmware.
- When the flash is done, press the Boot button which will cause the resurrection firmware to run
- Let it run for 30 seconds at least.  On Sparky2, I see blue and green LEDs for 10 seconds, then just green for another 10 seconds, then the board boots normally (LEDs do the normal operation colors).  You might also see just 20 seconds of green followed by normal operation LEDs.


Re: New old OP member .. Revo not booting
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Nice to see you :)

Re: New old OP member .. Revo not booting
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Thank you for the responses guys.  I will read the ressurect flash page carefully before proceeding.

It is good to be back... While I've had a cc3d for ages I have only briefly flown a quad with my original revo but I am now setting up tbs discovery with revo, original opgps and minimosd. Look forward to silly questions !

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Re: New old OP member .. Revo not booting
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Thank you for the assistance guys

I have flashed "next" from the link supplied... all seems well now.

Re: New old OP member .. Revo not booting
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Next and the coming release have automatic unbricking / resurrection built in so that is an option if you need unbricking.