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Hello all,

I wanted to know if libre pilot or openpilot are the same ?

If so could anybody tell me if this also has anything to do with APM or Ardupilot ?

I am new to this so I wanted to know more about this firmware , it's developers etc ..


Re: background libre pilot
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LibrePilot and OpenPilot projects split about a year ago when a lot (most?) of long time devs decided they didn't like the OpenPilot politics and went their own way thus forming LibrePilot.
The old OpenPilot tried to take a new direction under a name OPNG, slowly killing off (first the wiki servers and then eventually forum servrs got shut down) the original OpenPilot, but OPNG also slowly died.
There was also some bad politics back in I think 2012 where some OpenPilot devs decided to fork OpenPilot, creating TauLabs, which also seems to be doing just fine.

So yes, you could say LibrePilot is a continuation of OpenPilot

APM and Ardupilot are completely different projects.


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Re: background libre pilot
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Hi Alexander,

They are not the same when it comes to politics, but many developers who left OpenPilot, created LibrePilot.
Statement about details you can read here

Disagreement was, that some people in OpenPilot wanted commercial approach and people in LibrePilot wanted truly free and transparent platform in the spirit of open source software.
So with LibrePilot you get many experienced developers from OpenPilot and in that sense you can consider it the same.

APM/Ardupilot is completely different platform/firmware. Whichever you prefer is a matter of taste. I prefer LibrePilot, so can't judge which is better :) as you probably know my answer :) You have to find out yourself :)
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Re: background libre pilot
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...I'm glad to hear this but I would even be more happy if I could get some help from you guys around here.
I have been struggling with a firmware on APM and nobody want to help me. ...
We can answer questions about LibrePilot but APM and Nuttx you probably won't find anyone here really familiar with.

...I also have problems here seeing my post reactions. I just clicked a link in my mailbox but whenever I go to my post directley on the website here I don't see neither of your reactions here. ...
I don't know how you're getting to the post that you can't see the responses.  The links on the forum normally take you to the post in the thread and you can scroll up/down to see other posts.