i received my second Revo today and have installed my DSMX satellite again (http://goo.gl/kqxsSf) and it worked perfectly before and i had no problems at all. But when i have installed it and went through the  Vehicle setup wizard i did the transmitter setup (i have a Spektrum DXe http://goo.gl/Vgd9a6) but after i have finished it i saw that the throttle goes about 33% up if i switch my flight mode switch to 3 but on mode 1 and 2 throttle is at about zero if i have my stick at zero as it should be. what can i do in Librepilot that my throttle does not go up if i go in mode 3? i have screenshots and a whole video with the transmitter setup below.

Edit: on my first revo about 3 weeks ago i had openpilot on it and everything worked perfectly i had no problems.

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Welcome to LibrePilot.

You show the problem in your video, you even comment on it.  Your transmitter is mixing channels.  Reconfigure the transmitter to not mix channels.  For use with LP a transmitter should have all mixing disabled.


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There is also some values really strange, like ch6 for Throttle (ch1 is not used ?) and min/max values not consistent.

Welcome here

Thank you for the quick response, but if i want to configure my Radio i have to get a specific cable which costs about 25$, but do i still have that mixing with a PWM receiver? for example that one



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Unfortunately, it will still mix.  The mixing is done in the transmitter not the receiver.

okay thank you