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LibrePilot progress
« on: September 01, 2015, 07:19:01 pm »
After the split there has been much work done with packaging for easy maintenance of code and new Linux distribution support like Fedora with rpm packages.
All of the GCS is refreshed to fit with the new project and new features have been added to improve user experience with LibrePilot.

CC3D is back and fully supported with next release, still hard to keep working for memory problems but CC3D is a great board doing nice in flight results.

Some features recently included in 15.05 are backported for CC3D like SRXL support (Input RC from Multiplex receiver) and others are planned (Graupner Hott SumD)

Now Vehicle template can be included without starting the Wizard and allow local template storage or exchange between users (Import/Export).

Some improvements for best fly experience or fine tuning :

- Acro+ factor can be set separately for Roll and Pitch
- New txpid option that manage all PID factors at once using OPtune factors (tune all PID using only two pots for Pitch/Roll response)

- Fixed Wing : Differential Roll mixing support and dual servo setup in Wizard.

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