Hello all,

I am pretty new to this sport but I am pretty technical savvy so I have figured things out rather quickly. One issue I have recently ran into when I am trying to load the firm ware version of Librepilot. (version Firmware tag: Next firmware date: 2013-05-28, git hash: f1684453). I can get it to load on the board but then after the firmware is loaded I get a 1sec fading blue blinking led and a solid orange. Now the board can only be rescued and firmware can be reloaded. I used a previous version of the firmware from openpilot and that loaded with success and I was able to manipulate most things from the UI but since there is a mismatch of versions I do run into errors when the application tries to write to the board so not a 100% success with the previous version of openpilot firmware. The firmware version was a preset from the vehicle setup wizard. (MiniBlack out was the firmware name.) I have searched the internet but most the information is dead with the openpilot project and I was wondering if anyone has any advice. I think I can go the FTDI route but I can find clear directions on this or what firmware I should load with this approach. thanks all and happy flying

Re: CC3D HW rev 2 BL ver 4 issues restarting board after upgrade
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Ok, LibrePilot you guys are great, I did found the resolution to my whole issue here. https://librepilot.atlassian.net/wiki/display/LPDOC/Firmware+Tab#FirmwareTab-UpdateBootloaderandUpdatefirmware

My lesson learned.

BE PATIENT and know the correct sequence of steps. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS LIBREPILOT POSTED IN THE LINK PROVIDED EXACTLY!!!. Sorry for the caps they are mostly for myself.

Hope this helps someone.