Oplink for control and rssi always 100%?
« on: May 09, 2016, 10:31:42 am »
I've decided to try using oplink as ppm module from transmitter to my revo board as alternative to using 2.4ghz. For this I modified a broken flysky fs-t6 to use oplink module instead. So far very happy (is oplink a stable enough solution in the long run?)

I'm also using minoposd and would like to show rssi from the oplink receiver on the revo. I checked in the gcs and it seems that ReceiverStatus rssi always shows 100%. This is even so when I turn off the transmitter. What I want is the signal strength indication from the oplink tab to be shown as the rssi value on the osd. Is this configurable somehow?


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Re: Oplink for control and rssi always 100%?
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This issue should be fixed in next release.

This is not Rssi but link quality and on disconnect the value is not updated.
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