Revo + PDB BEC OSD board mysterious problems.
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Ok, going to tell the entire story in as great detail as possible to not miss out on anything.

Firstly a picture of how the machine is wired.

5V bec on PDB powering Revo + GPS and reciever through the flexi port.
The machine works great flies like a god. However there is only issues with the OSD.

Flashed the OSD with the no analog imputs, climb from baro FW.
Updated charset. (maybe should have done this in reverse order I saw later but it seemed to work so guess it didn't matter)

Followed other instructions, set flexi port to telemetry with right baud.

Plugged in power, machine booted up, OSD showed up and horizon were moving, thought everything was just fine and working.

Next day after configuring the oplink binding between revo and my oplink mini for telementry to my mini laptop, we went to do some test flying.
Discovered the OSD weren't working any more, horizon just frozen. Restarted the machine and it worked again.
Similar things kept happening a few times that evening, so was a bit 50/50 if the OSD would work or not.

I then tried flashing the firmware again now with the video powered(battery plugged in) and after that it just never worked at all any more, no matter how many times I tried.

Today I have been trying back and forth updating firmwares and OSD again to the OSD without ever seing it working.
UNTIL! I connected the revo on USB with libre GCS, that cause the revo to crash and reboot also restarting all ESCs, THEN the OSD starts moving recieving telemetry.

So is here some kind of power issue or is there some setting I have missed that keeps telemetry output alive all the time on the revo and not only when connected to GCS through the USB?

small video showing how the frozen OSD behaves when plugging in battery. Notice how it starts flickering after a few sec, guessing its after revo finished booting up and started sending telemetry at 250ms intervalls, however horizon is still frozen.

OSD also starts working right away if telemetry link to oplink mini gets established. So more likely something to do with revo not producing telemetry output unless connected with USB or OPLink. Now how to force it to constantly send out telemetry on the flexi port while powered?
Tried putting OPLink telemetry to same baud as flexi port telemetry output.(57600bds)
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Re: Revo + PDB BEC OSD board mysterious problems.
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I have the exact same problem. telemetry is working only when I connect the revo board with the computer.. when I remove it and even power source the min osd with a 7.4 battery I dont get any telemetry at all. anyone helps please?
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