Turnigy 9xr Pro telemetry?
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I am sorry I searched and found one thread regarding the same subject and it didn't help.I am a total noob so take it easy on me I know these type of questions get old real quick.I have been trying to figure out how to get telemetry info to my Turnigy 9xr.I am in the planning stages of my build so I am unsure on how to get the oplink to work with the radio.I am using a CC3D Revo.
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Re: Turnigy 9xr Pro telemetry?
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It's not currently possible to do it with cc3d or revo with librepilot, if you are going to do fpv fit a minimosd and you can telemetry data from cc3d or revo in your video.

Re: Turnigy 9xr Pro telemetry?
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Wow that' not what I wanted to hear.I have been trying to get someone to answer that fr days.I was under the impression some of the 8 bit systems are able to do it and so I am confused as to why a 32 bit system wouldn't unless it is something that they don't want to implement into the system or they havent gotten around to doing so yet which is not a good sign since this system has been around and working great for ages.I really am stuck on the radio my only other options are to get something without telemetry which would hold me back down the line or to go with another flight controller.I was really looking forward to using the librepilot it looks really user friendly.


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Re: Turnigy 9xr Pro telemetry?
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It has nothing to do with 8-bit vs 32-bit. The revo sends telemetry back to the ground, it has since the beginning.  The problem is the Turnigy doesn't understand the LP telemetry format.  Either the Turnigy or  LP could be modified to make it work.   To program for something like this the developer needs to have the device.  A feature like this usually gets done when one of the developers buys the hardware and wants the feature.  No one in an open source, non-profit project is likely to go out and buy a transmitter just to program a feature, it gets too expensive.

And the project is Open Source, if anyone wants a feature they can fork the project, make the changes, and submit them back to the project so everyone can use it.