CC3D best settings for video hexacopter
« on: May 03, 2016, 08:55:18 am »

Hello everyone. I am totally new here and fairly new as a multirotor designed and builder. I have designed, build and flown a variety of models and full size craft in my life (please see and links at the bottom of the page) but I have started on multirotors just over a year ago and, after purchasing a DM007 and learning to fly it (...yes, I still have it and it still I decided to start designing and building my own multirotors (please see attachments). The resouces I have are financially limited, so most of the materials are what I had or could find for free.
I am using a Xiaomi Yi for videoing and I find it quite satisfactory, besides the wide-angle lens, which I am going to substitute with a linear lens as soon as possible. I am adding a couple of links of my second last and latest hexacopters, where you will be able to see the progress in video definition, due to the configuration changes and the re-positionung of the camera:

MY QUESTION: how can I set my CC3D to achieve VERY SMOOTH CONTROLS, which are fundamental for videoing? I am not using any barometer, GPS etc. I am actively flying the craft at all times. I do not know much at all about PID setting and EXPO settings on either the CC3D or my MZ-12 Graupner transmitter (..I saved for 18 months to be able to afford it!!!). PLEASE HELP! (I am not drowning but I would really appreciate any information about this and I thank you all in advance.

Cheers from Bruno
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