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AttitudeState Data Error?
« on: March 18, 2016, 08:12:11 am »
Hi, all
My FC is cc3d, and GCS version is 15.02.02.
I "Erase Settings", place flightcontrol very flat, and then click "Level" to leveling the CC3D.
Then, I switch to the "System" table and see the AttitudeState data, the roll and pitch data return to "zero", it's great! But after several minutes the angel data skip to a strange number, for example "-7", "+3"... The error data display time was very short, like blinky, and back to "zero".
The exception was not happened every time, if it didn't happened, I continue to "Level" the FC and see the data, it maybe happen again.
But in fact, after the data error happen I switch to the "Scopes" table, the AttitudeState data curve is very flat, it seems no data error.
Did you notice this exception, please? How can I fix it?

Best Regards!