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Title: camera stabilisation
Post by: locoworks on January 26, 2016, 11:40:58 pm
hi all,   been struggling with this problem for months. been on rcgroups with no joy and i just cannot set up auto camera level.  at one point i managed to get a servo to move using open pilot but then only 2 or 1 motor worked. if i go to the index on the left here and click the camera stabilisation tab for instructions the page is currently blank.   i tried to copy painless 360's CC3D / openpilot video on youtube and it just wont work like his. it seems to be something when i try and activate the stabilisation tick box and reboot, but i can't set limits on the outputs screen, the boxes are greyed out.  i changed things on the left of the inputs screen but never got the cc3d to arm and never got a servo to move,  it did buzz unhappily though if i plugged it in.  any clues???   i could really do with a start to finish walkthrough with screen shots or a video but any help to get this up and running would be great thanks.