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Title: 550 quad build
Post by: gnumarco on April 30, 2019, 10:17:35 am
Hi everybody.
After some months with my cheap Chinese 250 (with all the things I have put on, not that cheap anymore  :D), I want to build a bigger quad, basically to fly smoothly and do aerial photography (I might put a 3D gimbal).

Before starting to buy parts, I wanted to ask you guys who are more experienced than me for advice.
The frame I would like to use is this one: (
I have read some good reviews, and there is even a video on YouTube that says it is a good frame.

Now, my concern is: is a Revo a good FC for this kind of application? I have a Revo on my 250 and I am happy with it. It had a Naza GPS, FPV, telemetry (OPLink) and flies quite well in INS13 mode (with Next).

The only real drawback I could see with the Revo is that I cannot control the menu of my RunCam Swift 3 using my Tx (this is the only thing that BetaFlight offers and not LibrePilot I could see), but the fix is simple: use another FPV cam  ;D

I have seen new FCs like the Kakute F7. Would it be a better choice? Does it bring huge updates for the application I want? My concern with this is that I would have to use BetaFlight, but BetaFlight is racing oriented I think, and it doesn't have all the nice GPS assisted modes I like. I think INav would also be an option, but I have no idea if this is comparable to LibrePilot.

Would it be a better choice to buy a Naza? I know that drones that are made for aerial photography are basically DJI, or Naza based.

I know I am on LibrePilot Forum, and honestly, if I can build a good drone with all the options I want with a Revo, I'd go for it!

Thanks for your help!!
Title: Re: 550 quad build
Post by: gnumarco on June 04, 2019, 02:44:53 pm
Just thought I would reply to myself to close the subject.
I have built a 650 quad (Tarot 650 Sport) with a PixHawk FC.
I have to admit that the PixHawk if far superior to the Revolution FOR DRONE OF THIS CATEGORY. This is not an absolute evaluation, and this is only my experience.
I still have my 250 racer running the Revo board and it flies very well!  :)
Title: Re: 550 quad build
Post by: Tongala on June 05, 2019, 06:29:20 am
I have to agree, the revo is very good for BASIC GPS modes.
I too have mini quads running Revo's and am very happy also like you I want to explore more and have gone over to Pixhawk (PX4) also building a 550 .
So good flying to you.
I suspect that LP has stalled (or died), I have noticed that lately only one maybe two of the long time dev/contributors post anymore.
I hope LP continues but I suspect not.
Title: Re: 550 quad build
Post by: gnumarco on June 06, 2019, 07:39:25 pm
Good flight to you too! And yes, LP is kinda stalled?
I have to say I even considered flying my 250 with a PixHawk Mini  ;D