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Title: GPS Assist failing
Post by: MikeNH on November 06, 2017, 08:23:12 pm
Following the instructions given to others with this same complaint, I first had the quad flying very nicely without the DJI Naza-M LITE GPS enabled. Additional instructions for this issue is to re-calibrate. I've done that over and over resulting in the attached UAV settings document. Again, in keeping advice given to others, I first have been trying to get Auto Takeoff, VelocityRoam and Land working.

Land works great and makes me look like I know what I'm doing when landing.

VelocityRoam doesn't appear to work but that may be because I can't find a clear explanation of what its behavior should be. I think it's supposed to work as "headless mode".

Auto Takeoff winds up the propeller rpm nicely and then flips in unexpected directions. If it actually does get off the ground, within a very sort time it lands abruptly.

I've attached the UAV file for review. The Health widget is all green. The Attitude=>Mag tab has both Onboard and AuxMag green. The 3 blue bars on the same tab are at or near zero.

I'm trying to get RTH to work but can't get past making the basics work first. Please tell me where I need to explore next. I've looked at the Settings=>VtolPathFollowerSettings=>AutoTakeoffVerticalVelPID settings. I don't know what these settings do. I'm willing to spend the time using trial and error but I don't know where the next place to look should be.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Title: Re: GPS Assist failing
Post by: TheOtherCliff on November 06, 2017, 08:59:29 pm
Get VelocityRoam working first, without autotakeoff or landing or RTH.  Take off in Attitude mode and switch to VR at very low (fall won't damage it) or high altitude (enough time to switch back to Atti and recover).

VR should work just like Atti basically.  Pitch forward makes it go forward.
Title: Re: GPS Assist failing
Post by: MikeNH on November 11, 2017, 06:00:25 pm
SOLVED...My problem was that I didn't understand the VelocityRoam behavior definition on the GPS Flight modes page. If it would have said that VelocityRoam is like PositionHold but the quad can be moved in 3D space.

I was looking for "Headless Mode" behavior but now see that HomeLeash provides this behavior.

Again, thanks for a terrific application: LibrePilot!