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Title: Help with OpenPilot CC3D programming
Post by: bob on September 30, 2017, 12:34:21 am
Hello, I am trying to use a flight controller to run a robot. All I need is for the flight controller, which I am using a OpenPilot CC3D, to simply run 10 servos from the radio which I currently have connected through the PPM port. PPM is reading fine and I can get servo on channel 1 to work with the joystick. But that's all,... I was using the NAZE32 on cleanflight and could only get 6 servos to work with the radio PPM in through the CLI. My end game here is to eventually get 10 servos running form my Turnigy 9XR radio and have the ability to set through the CC3D controller my servo endpoints, speed, direction and get the gyro to effects curtain servos. Can anyone help me with this?

Title: Re: Help with OpenPilot CC3D programming
Post by: TheOtherCliff on September 30, 2017, 03:55:42 am
Accessory0 thru 3 are set up when you do the transmitter wizard.  They can be mapped to outputs on the Vehicle page in the lower right corner.  That would give you 4 direct channels from transmitter to servos.

A way to get all channels available would be to install a PPM to PWM converter (a second CC3D could even be used to get a different set of channels from PPM to PWM.  Another way would be to install a PWM receiver in parallel with the PPM receiver.

From the FC you get a different 4 "stabilized" channels to control the standard functions of roll, pitch, yaw and throttle.  Also a fifth channel for the flight mode switch controls FC flight modes.

You only get these 4 (orthogonal) functions output from the FC.

I am guessing that you only need two balancing functions, call them roll and pitch.  You probably want to mix these two outputs into some group of your servos and have others controlled directly by the transmitter.  You can set up a custom mixer to send various mixes of these functions to more than 2 servos.

You would need to explain how each of the servos is used and what is needed (for balancing?).  Then someone with some experience might chime in, but around here we know more about quads and planes than robots.  :)
Title: Re: Help with OpenPilot CC3D programming
Post by: bob on September 30, 2017, 03:49:49 pm
Thanks so much, you probably saved me another day of trying to get this to work! When I saw that it supported up to 12 servos I just assumed they could all work from the radio,...  darn,