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Title: Micro MinOPOSD specifics
Post by: HighAltitude on January 28, 2017, 07:42:16 pm
I need some clarification on specifics for implementing OSD capability.
I'm using a Micro MinOPOSD with KV Team Mods.  I want to use the Flex port for connecting to my Revo board. 
GCS is Black Rhino (16.09).
Camera is a Mobius/docking station/transmitter, which is modified to pass its video signal through the OSD board as shown in this link: 
Insofar as I interpret the instruction in the Librepilot documentation, it's not mandatory to use the FlexiIO port, the Flex port will work
Am I correct in assuming that the sequence for configuring the OSD board is to use an FDTI adaptor to install the firmware, install the character set, and configure with the Configuration tool before connecting to the FC board. I have downloaded the Config tool and CharSet, and installed the characters, but not firmware.
The Revo setup instructions specify I set the receiver port and the USB VCP function to Combridge. 
My questions:
There are several firmware files.  Which one should I install?
Since I'm using PWM connections between my receiver and the FC board, what does setting to the receiver port to ComBridge do to my receiver input?

I've done some bench testing by connecting the OSD board to the Flex port as specified in the instructions and connected it to my modified Mobius docking station/transmitter.  When everything's connected, my ground station displays an image of what the camera's seeing with various other data superimposed, but doesn't show any vehicle behavior. 
Thanks in advance for any help.
Title: Re: Micro MinOPOSD specifics
Post by: TheOtherCliff on January 28, 2017, 08:19:46 pm
Did you see these?

Also, a little late, but did you know that you can use MinimOSD directly now, without flashing the OSD board?
Title: Re: Micro MinOPOSD specifics
Post by: f5soh on January 28, 2017, 08:45:09 pm
You can use the MinimOSD (or micro) in various ways:

- Mavlink output and original APM firmware
- MSP output using MWOSD:
- Telemetry (original uavtalk/OP) output with MinOPOSD:

With a Revo, the MSP/MWOSD is a good option.
You should better use a USB serial stick with DTR for flashing.