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Title: gps from smartphone
Post by: DocHardinger on December 05, 2016, 09:19:45 pm
Just an idea:

What if lp2go could access phones GPS data and periodically updates Homeposition with smartphones GPS data? Then your copter can follow you or fly in circles around your position...should work if you use relative waypoints to homeposition or am i totally wrong? As said before its just an idea  :D

Another idea:
Update the Point of Interest (PoiLocation) with the GPS Coords from the smartphone. Its safer and then you can just use waypoints (set Yaw Control to POI) and the copters nose will always point to your smartphone. Or you can use your copter as a stationary flying cam (just use Position Hold) and copters nose will follow your movement...lots of possibilities ;-)
Title: Re: gps from smartphone
Post by: @marc on December 07, 2016, 08:56:16 am

great ideas!

In the upcoming version you will be able to set the home position to your current location in the map mode (This will come to alpha very soon).

PoiLocation should be easy to do after that. Autonomous features are always a little bit more difficult, especially if you trust an android device to control your copter. But I am also working on this (manual control at the moment).

Title: Re: gps from smartphone
Post by: DocHardinger on December 07, 2016, 10:03:51 am
Oh that sounds great!
I think just to set the POI isnt much dangerous because its only affecting the YAW control.
But setting HomeLocation could be dangerous if Smartphone gives u strange GPS coords.
But maybe you could check if distance between actual homeposition and new position from phone is in a plausible range.
Maybe for different situations (Driving with car, Walking, Cycling, swimming  ;D ) you got a different max allowed distance.
And otherwise you leave homepos where it was before.

I did some testing with changing HomePosition manually at System-->HomeLocation. It seems when changing home Location copters position shortly jumps to the difference between actual HP and new HP  and then goes back to correct position(see screenshot). This maybe could be a problem...
Title: Re: gps from smartphone
Post by: RayRegan on December 30, 2016, 06:08:42 pm
Great Ideas!
 Hope they are able to get them to work. I know many phones have a real GPS antenna inside but seem to rely on ground based cell site triangulation for position in map apps. I have seen my position move on the map as the phone recognizes another cell site and corrects it's math to establish position without the phone moving on the ground. I could see this creating a problem if the aircraft was dependent on the phones location for a flight pattern. This is exciting stuff.