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Title: Minimosd lost overlay.
Post by: jtrout19 on November 10, 2016, 08:04:13 pm
Hey guys so this morning My minimOSD went all wonky and I lost the overlay. All I can get at this point is straight video. I can still connect to the minimosd through the computer and configure everything. Any ideas on what is going on. I have it wired up like this. VTX and the 12v side of minimosd is grounded and powered by the PDB. Minimosd is then camera is powered by minimosd and ground to minim osd which is a direct connection to PDB. 5v side receives 5v from the Flight controller as well as its 5v. Telemetry comes from flexi-IO port. Any Ideas? both power lights are still on.
Title: Re: Minimosd lost overlay.
Post by: proctoidpaul on November 10, 2016, 11:05:28 pm
similar issues.... check my current topic on
Title: Re: Minimosd lost overlay.
Post by: jtrout19 on November 11, 2016, 03:14:24 am
Yip I've been following your thread. My issue ended up being a bad Max 7456 Chip. It is replaced and working now. I did change some wiring around. So I soldered the jumpers on the board to feed both sides with 5v. I just removed 12v leads and spliced them together to power my camera and my VTX.

All this happened today after I had a cell die in my Goggles battery. Made me lose video in my goggles and did something because it made my quad come crashing down and killed my MAX7456 on the minimosd board. Anyway I ended up discovering that I could barely touch the MAX7456 chip and it would make the board shut down.... I tried reflowing the solder and then checked with microscope to make sure pins were correctly soldered but issue persisted.

I had a mini minimosd that I fried the Atmega328p in. So that is where the replacement MAX7456 chip came from. Reflashed the board with firmware and everything was up and running and no issue at full throttle. Glad that is solved. Wierd thing is I have my big quad wired the exact same as I did this little on and have no issue on that one.