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Title: Failsafe issues .
Post by: Parris on April 01, 2016, 03:10:23 am
  I'm using a CC3D on a new quadcopter build . PWM+NoOneShot . XY7000S receiver . FHSS transmitter . With the, ( Stock ) HobbyKing FPV 260 UpSwept Arms RTF , template .

  In testing , it flies well . A few issues , but nothing I'm not comfortable with tuning out with the basic knowledge I have of tuning on LibrePilot .

  Tests flights were all within 50 meters , or so . Two flights...I was satisfied . Knew I had to fine tune a few settings .

   Brought the quad back to the bench and started tuning and did a transmitter test, ( props off ) . And it throttled up with transmitter off / loss of signal test . So, I went to Systems Tab and did what I thought I needed to do .

  I haven't had this problem with the other builds I've done . I have done everything in the Systems Tab to resolve this with what I know to do . And, I have even tried a few suggestions online and in LibrePilot Forum that I can find . I'm just glad I didn't fly out too far while testing .

  Question :
     Am I missing something ? Wrong template to start with ? Bad board ? Am I holding my mouth wrong ?


Title: Re: Failsafe issues .
Post by: twofiftyracer on April 01, 2016, 09:17:51 pm
Can you explain better your problem?

Does your Radio Receiver support failsafe features?

Title: Re: Failsafe issues .
Post by: Parris on April 02, 2016, 03:08:30 am
    I'll try .

    First off , I'm working with a HiSky protocol . And an updated HiSKy X-6S transmitter with a XY7000S receiver I used from when I flew stock HiSky heli's .

    I'm trying to set this up on a quad using a CC3D clone .

    I have everything running close to fine . Even did a few test flights . I was satisfied .

    But, when I turn the transmitter off , it throttles to 50 % . ( To check failsafe ) .

    I've done everything I know from flying heli's to fix this problem .  I've scanned the forums and and everything I can find online to resolve this problem .

    I've rebinded the receiver.......with many different procedures . Spektrum , Hitec , JR and the variations they have .

    I've thoroughly tried everything I know how to do on the Systems Tab .

    I have to be missing something......even a rookie mistake.......

    To be honest , I have been away from using the CC3D and Open Pilot for a few years .; Last time I messed around with a CC3D I had originals .

     But, that may not be the problem .

     No matter what I do.....on the RC Input page , armed or not , if I shut the transmitter goes to 50 % .

    I'm just trying to get this quad in the air , the safe way , with some of these spare parts I have .

             Any help would be great.....and, don't worry about hurting my feelings if I have done something stupid or naive . I have broad shoulders .

                                                 Thanks ,

Title: Re: Failsafe issues .
Post by: hwh on April 02, 2016, 04:52:18 am
It sounds like the receiver's failsafe is set wrong and outputting 50% throttle when it loses contact with the transmitter.  The FC has no way of knowing you didn't just go to 50% throttle.

Many receivers output whatever the transmitter was set to when you bind.  If you bind with the throttle at 50% it outputs that when it goes into failsafe.   The manual for your receiver should tell you how to set it up to failsafe to 0 throttle.

On the GCS configuration->input tab you can watch what happens when you switch the transmitter on and off.
Title: Re: Failsafe issues .
Post by: Parris on April 02, 2016, 01:37:14 pm

  Yes , I figured the receiver has to be the problem . I had three of these receivers . Two of the three work fine . I have them set at throttle cut . This last one just doesn't bind correctly . Bad receiver .
Title: Re: Failsafe issues .
Post by: jbarchuk on April 02, 2016, 05:19:14 pm
I have been away from using the CC3D and Open Pilot for a few years .; Last time I messed around with a CC3D I had originals .

     But, that may not be the problem .

Actually it is part of the problem. Not you but the industry in general.

From your other post...

I had three of these receivers . Two of the three work fine .

When manufactured, about the most intense final test they have is plug it it, the LED lights up, ship it. You've heard the aphorisms 'you get what you pay for,' and 'if it looks too good to be true it probably is.' Well, it was a $8 Rx and that's what they have is $8 worth of quality.

Since CC3D and Revo and others have gone 'open' they market is *SWAMPED* with *CRAP*! For example a proper CC3D -cannot- be retailed for less than about $18. The $13 versions are de-enginered to leave parts out, change parts, and use lower spec parts. For many people they work but also for many they don't.

If you build a $150 or $250 quad, and save $10 on one part that either takes days/weeks to make it work, or fails on the first flight and breaks all the props and bends 3 motor shafts because of a bad solder joint, well, what have you 'saved?'

/RANT :)
Title: Re: Failsafe issues .
Post by: Parris on April 05, 2016, 01:57:35 am

   I agree on the quality statement .

   I sorted out the problem . No big deal . I was just glad I didn't do my test flights in a bigger area .....or else , I would have been more aggressive . Then I would have lost the build .

   Like i said....I'm just using parts and pieces from my shoe box full of junk collection I acquired a few years ago . And, those parts are from my heli days . All kinds of parts , transmitters , receivers and a handful of original CC3D's , even a couple CC's .

   In a nutshell.........failsafes are tuned primarily to the TX/RX relationship . Not something the CC , or CC3D is responsible to .

   I'm tickled to death with what I have built this winter with all this junk I have laying around . Three builds , two of which are flying and very tune worthy . the other has issues . No big deal .

   You have to appreciate the fact I'm using stuff I had originally purchased , ( years ago through Openpilot ) , for helicopters and now have somewhat built three quads . Two fly like store bought quads . The other is getting fixed , still in project phase .

   I am very Thankful to Librepilot and everyone associated to Librepilot . From what I can see , they are trying to make this hobby enjoyable to anyone that wants to get involved . Cheap parts or not .

Title: Thank You , f5soh !
Post by: Parris on April 12, 2016, 02:29:22 am


     I used your , " poor man's failsafe " , suggestions on a cheap receiver and CC3D combination today . Worked perfectly .

     Maybe , ( if you get the time ) , some of the members that are just starting out could benefit from that knowledge too.

     For myself , I had to search the forum , and outside threads blended with a little common sense . But, once I pulled all the pieces together it became easy for me to understand . I'm not completely understanding how it works at this time , but I will backtrack my settings and notice the technique to do so afterwards .

    Maybe condense your knowledge on a failsafe and wiki it ? It seems you know many failsafe situations .

     Anyway , Thank You f5soh......and Thank You for helping .

Title: Re: Failsafe issues .
Post by: f5soh on April 12, 2016, 11:15:47 am
I don't what " poor man's failsafe " you are referring....

Anyway, thanks for the "thank you"